Policies and Procedures


Policies and Procedures

Our Policies & procedures include how we keep children safe, how to make a complaint about any aspect of the pre-school, Special educational needs and how we value and respect all our children. All policies and procedures are accessible at all times for all of our staff and parents, they are kept in a black folder on top of the office cupboards in the room. 


If you feel unhappy with any aspect of our provision please share your complaint with either the manager, or the chairperson, who will try to resolve your concerns. More details on this process can be found on the notice board, in our policies and on the website. Our complaints procedure can be found in the settings policies file. Please see details on our parent notice board of how to contact Ofsted with regards to a complaint

Mobile phones

            After recent high profile cases about child abuse in nursery settings, the use of mobile phones is prohibited throughout the school site. We ask all parents and visitors to the setting to respect this and put their mobile phones away whilst in the setting.

In addition we request that parents/ carers DO NOT post any photographs taken in the setting, or name any child, the setting, or member of staff on social networking sites. This is to ensure the safety of all our children!

Healthy Eating

            In line with Every Child Matters, we support children to ‘Be Healthy’ by providing only semi-skimmed milk or water to drink. The snacks we give children are low in salt, sugar and saturated fats and include foods such as fruit, toast and breadsticks. Specific dietary requirements for allergies, religious or personal reasons can be accommodated. Please provide a letter from your GP/ dietician and discus their needs with your child’s key person.

In order to support healthy eating we ask that packed lunches are kept simple e.g. sandwiches or pasta salads along with a piece of fruit or single yoghurt and a drink. Please avoid including processed foods high in fat, salt or sugar on a daily basis, e.g. crisps, cakes, sweets. We advise lunch box ice packs to keep packed lunches fresh. Any uneaten food will be returned home so you know what they have eaten. Please do not send in any food item containing nuts as the school site is a nut free zone.