Alderley Edge Pre-school


This is just a rough guide to a typical day to provide an idea of what happens in our setting. Often trips out to the shops, park or a nature trek across the school fields may mean other activities are adjusted.

8.45 arrivals 

Children self register when they arrive in the setting and are helped to find an activity they enjoy supported by family and staff. This is a good opportunity for families and carers to share news with their key person and exchange information about current learning and progress.

9.00 welcome     

The children are encouraged to join circle time. We may start with a little song followed by a short circle activity to develop children's listening and speaking skills as well as promoting their self confidence and esteem. Children are helped to share their news and make decisions and plan what they would like to do next.      

9.15 free play

A free flow system operates allowing children to move between indoor and outdoor activities. Staff support children in their self chosen play, in order to extend their learning and understanding. An adult led activity, based on children's current interests is also available to children.

10.00 rolling snack

Children are able to decide when to  come and have a snack of fruit with water or milk to drink.

10.30 tidy up time

Everyone is asked to help join in with this job, each day a different 'Tidy-up' Inspector is appointed to make sure the room is ready for our next activity.

10.45 key group time

Each child joins their key worker for playful, planned  learning experiences to extend their learning in appropriate next steps. Very often this group time will start with a short story followed by an activity or game.

11.10 outdoor play

A chance to let off steam after working so hard!

11.30 circle time

A whole group activity using  'Lola' games and activities from  Letters and Sounds to develop listening and concentration skills. Games can be very simple such as saying hello to Lola, a small puppet, and telling her their name or more complex e.g. recalling a list of shopping items and are varied according to the stage of development of the children present.

11.45 home/ lunchtime - Please note that access to and from the preschool during the day is via Eaton Drive only.

Children staying for lunch bring their own healthy lunch box from home. Staff always try to guide children in eating their sandwiches/ savouries first. Any food uneaten is returned home so you know how much they have/ haven't eaten.

12.15 home/ arrivals

Children leaving for home are passed out to their authourised, collecting adult and new arrivals self register as they enter.

12.30 welcome

A short circle time to say hello to everyone with a short 'Letters and Sounds' activity

12.40 outdoor activity/ rest time

A planned physical activity for everyone outside to develop co-ordination, balance and spatial awareness, weather permittting! This includes parachute activites, other playgroung games e.g. What time is it Mr. Wolf? as well as activities using small equipment like balls, hoops, ribbon sticks.

13.00 free play

Again free flow both in and outside where children can self select the activities and toys they prefer. During this time key workers carry out planned activities focussing on the needs of particular children based on current interests.

2.00 rolling snack

As well as water or milk to drink the children are offered either toast, breadsticks or crackers.

2.30 tidy up time

2.45 small group time

Children are split into smaller groups for a story and game according to their stage of development.

3.00 singing/ table activities

Time for a whole group singing session using props and puppets followed by a choice of activities e.g. jigsaws, construction materials

3.15 Home time