Alderley Edge Pre-school


What we have been up to this term!

Spring/Summer  2021

Autumn 2019/Spring 2020

Duck experience!! We were extremely fortunate to again receive some duck eggs, we were able to watch them hatch and help to look after them once they had moved from the incubator into their cage! We gave them lots of lovely swimming time, they even enjoyed doing some sunbathing in this lovely weather we have had! It is an amazing experience to be able to see a real life cycle up close! 

Kindness & Well-being week! Following on from a huge focus in the press around being kind, we held a 'Be Kind' week at Pre School this was for all of our children, staff and parents! The children made up their own kindess bags to give to someone special, we set up a kindness jar and made our own kindness clouds. We painted be kind rocks and placed them around the school for others to find, we read lots of lovely stories and shared lots of kind things with our emotions monkey 'monkey bob'. What a lovely week! 

Dental Play Box! Our yearly visit took place this year in January! The children love to have dental play box visit and enjoy dressing up as dentists and talking all about their teeth! We often get great feedback from parents at home who often see an improvement in their interests and skills in brushing their teeth!

Forest School! We have been exploring with real tools this term, this has included using a hack saw and free hand drills to make holes in and cut up woods, the children have really enjoyed using the tools and over the Summer term they will have access to our Pre school real tools area in our playground. 

Sticky Kids! This has been a firm favourite this term! Our favourite song of the term was definitely 'lets go walking!' we have enjoyed trying out different ways of moving around even going backwards!! Sticky kids is always requested by the children and sessions often just happen during free play, the children this term have been independently singing the songs and doing the actions!
World Book Day! We celebrated world book day by dressing up as our favourite book character and bringing in some of our favourite stories! We completed our own book reviews and made book marks! Some of our parents/grandparents stayed to share stories and puppets with us in the morning. 

Woodland Trust Award  - We have successfully achieved our first award through the woodland trust! We now have the bronze level award! To achieve this award we took part in some lovely woodland activities including hosting our very own tree party in honour of national tree dressing day! We decorated our woods learning lots about the different types of trees we have, we went on a leaf hunt to learn about which trees the different leaves belonged to! We have been talking lots about the important jobs trees do for us! We also had a forest picnic where we cooked hot dogs and toasted marshmallows on the fire! We are really looking forward to earning more points and gaining further awards to support our ever growing love of the forest! 

Yoga - We have a strong focus on our emotions this term, we have really focused in on our rainbow of feelings! At the end of each session we encourage the children to lie on their mat and think about how they are feeling, we each take turns to share the colour that most links to our feelings. Our rainbow of feelings talks about being strong, happy, kind & caring each colour links to an emotion, we are all getting really confident at using this tool to share how we are feeling, it has even been introduced into group times and free play as a way of sharing our emotions with others. 

Summer 2019!

Planting & growing! Now the weather is getting warmer we have enjoyed learning all about plating and growing, we have successfully grown our own cress heads, planted and observed sunflowers and broad beans! We have been learning about how we can help the seeds to grow! 

Butterfly Life Cycle - We have been really lucky to experience another real life cycle, we have 10 caterpillars arrive in the summer term, we spent time observing them move and looking at their features! We saw them grow... some even doubled in size over night! We were able to observe them making their cocoons and had to wait very patiently for them to break out into beautiful butterflies! Our butterflies then enjoyed some lovely fruit and we kept them for a few days before releasing them onto the field after our stay and play session

Trip to BroadLeaf Forest School Centre! Our forest school class went out on a full day visit to our forest school leaders base camp! This was a fantastic opportunity and the children got to spend a full day at forest school, exploring a large woodland area, climbing trees, campfire cooking, imaginative play in a fairy garden, exploring in the mud kitchen and making hammer natural prints. 

Squiggle whilst you wiggle! Our favourite song this term has been Proud Mary for our 'round and round' actions, the children have been gaining confidence in these sessions and extending them by introducing their own movements for each of the actions. We have been developing the mark making session by encouraging some letter formation with the letters that link to the action. 

Yoga - This term we have been doing most of our yoga outside on the field and also in the woods! We have learnt lots of new positions including the 'shark, cat, dog, plank, the dancer' 

Sports Week - All children took part in our yearly decathlon challenge to raise money for our woodland area! We all had the opportunity to have a turn at 10 different sports! On the last day all of our parents were invited to come in and cheer on our children in their groups to complete 5 of these sports! Even our parents had the opportunity to have a turn! 

School readiness - All our school leavers have received their very own school readiness packs! What you will find in the pack - ‘I spy a mud pie’ leaflet, Sunflower seeds, Blank story stone, Library application, Play dough recipe, Supermarket explorer, phonics game, Nature hunt pack, Getting ready for school checklist. The ideas behind the pack have come from the leaflet ‘I spy mud pie’, this leaflet has been designed by local Pre-School leaders and the reception teachers. Children are often pushed to learn to read and write before they are ready, the list of activities and ideas included show that children need to be ready for school in a variety of different ways! By having a go at some of these activities and spending quality time with your child over the next few months this will help to support your child’s school readiness in a fun and enjoyable way!

Staff Training - this term we have all really enjoyed and benefited from some in house fire lighting training delivered by Broadleaf Forest School! This has had a huge impact on our woodland sessions, we have been able to broaden our opportunities for all children and we have definitely enjoyed toasting lots of marshmallows this term! We have also set up with a new training provider - Early Impact and two staff members have been on the Literacy, language and mark making and fine motor and early mark making courses which were extremely practical and effective courses that have influenced lots of new ideas!